TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (2023)

TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (1)

Since almost all TikTok videos contain music, often contemporary popular songs that you would stream or hear on the radio, you can easily believe that there is some kind of free music for everyone on the platform. So how can young TikTok creators use songs from popular artists without the threat of massive copyright lawsuits? And if they can use those songs in their videos, can you include them in your TikTok ads? TikTok Royalty Free Music Library could be the solution to your worries.

It turns out that music on TikTok is a relatively complex affair. And no, it is not a musical of all against all. But the platform offers a solution for brands that want to use commercial music in their videos, in the form of the TikTok Royalty-Free Music Library, an online database of free commercial TikTok music.

The most popular song on TikTok

Ruta Notacompiled the most used TikTok tracks in the United States as of February 2022. They base their list on the number of videos people have created with each track in the United States. The five most popular songs are:

  1. Oh no - Kreepa (8.35 million videos)
  2. Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod (8.07 million videos)
  3. No idea - Don Toliver (7.68 million videos)
  4. Steven Universe – L.Dre (5.64 million videos)
  5. SpongeBob SquarePants Nonsense – Dante9k Remix – Dante9k (5.64 million videos)

When mom cooks 😂

♬ Oh No (Instrumental) – Kreepa

Interestingly, these are not the most famous tracks that ordinary users can use in (non-commercial) TikTok videos. But they caught the attention of TikTok creators, and once they became popular on the social platform, their usage increased.

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Don't underestimate the importance of a compelling soundtrack for your TikTok videos and ads. In accordance withKantar Research, people consider the sound on TikTok to be "fun". Additionally, 73% of respondents said they would "stop and watch" TikTok ads with audio, significantly more than users on any other platform. Interestingly, 88% of TikTok users said that sound is essential to the TikTok experience.

Music licensing on TikTok

Although music is an essential part of the TikTok experience, there are complex rules that govern its use. TikTok signed deals with most of the major music publishers in its early days. Until 2020, they were relatively relaxed about brands using music videos for commercial purposes on the platform. Clearly, they believed that their existing agreements covered this. But then TikTok quietly changed the rules. Brands could no longer use popular tracks. Instead, they had to access TikTok's royalty-free music library, a new library of commercial music available to businesses.

no time,Tik Tok wrote:

The Commercial Music Library offers a rich and diverse set of royalty-free music to use in your commercial content. With this built-in feature, you can enjoy unlimited worldwide use of your content in the TikTok ecosystem with access to high-quality free music. This will also save you time and investment in resolving music licenses while allowing you to focus on creating unique and joyful content for your audience.

As of May 2020, TikTok enforced the rule and business accounts can no longer use mainstream music. When a business account user comes across videos on TikTok with regular music, even in the background of the clips, TikTok presents them with an informational message saying, "This sound is not licensed for commercial use." So when they upload a video, TikTok gives them the option to run a copyright check. According to the attached explanation:

We will review your video for possible copyright violations in the sounds used. If violations are found, you can edit the video before posting it.

On its commercial sounds page, TikTok highlights that:

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If you use our General Music Library through a personal account to promote your business, you risk copyright infringement. Songs in our general music library are not pre-approved for commercial content, defined as any content published by a brand, and are not available for use by any brand or company.

TikTok Royalty Free Music Library

While you can't use commercial music on TikTok anymore unless you've signed the usage rights with the relevant music company, you still have a considerable amount of pre-approved music that you can use for organic content and ad creation. And thanks to TikTok Royalty-Free Music Library (also known as TikTok Commercial Music Library), you can search for music in a variety of ways, including usable location, theme, genre, mood, and duration. Plus, if you select your region, you can even see recommended playlists and top songs in your area.

TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (2)

All songs in the commercial music library are pre-approved for commercial use, so you know you can use them in your ads and TikTok posts without worrying about getting copyright licenses.

You may not find the latest Spotify songs in TikTok's royalty-free music library, but you will find more than 600,000 tracks that you can use. Much of the music comes from Anthem 5's production company Alarm Music. You can only preview 10,000 songs at a time, but you can still access the rest of the tracks through TikTok's search and filter features.

How to Find TikTok Royalty Free Music Library

There are several ways to discover TikTok's commercial music library. One way is to go toTikTok Creative Huband click the Audio Library button on the top menu. Be sure to select your country in the box near the top of the screen. While most of the countries are listed in alphabetical order, you will find some, including the UK, out of logical sequence.

You can view commercial TikTok music without copyright in two ways. The default (all songs) displays 10,000 songs on 500 pages. You can mix and match various filters to find music clips that interest you and suit your needs. Alternatively, you can select Playlist. TikTok displays a selection they call TikTok Viral at the top of the page. Further down the page they offer a variety of playlists of various types.

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TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (3)

You can click on any playlist that interests you. TikTok takes you to a screen with music tracks related to the theme of the playlist. So, for example, if your brand wants to create a TikTok ad in the fashion niche, you can click through the Fashion playlist to find tracks that TikTok thinks might work with your ad.

TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (4)

While most of the tracks in TikTok's commercial music library are licensed for global use, some are country-specific. Also, please note that these music rights only apply to the use of business accounts on TikTok, not on other social networks. You cannot reuse your TikTok ad on YouTube or Facebook and expect copyright removal there. You are still free to use originally produced music in your videos, although you are responsible for making any relevant copyright, usage, or license agreements.

Access the Creative Center Audio Library (TikTok's royalty-free music library) in your TikTok app

While you can easily access TikTok's Creative Hub and its Audio Library button from a desktop browser, you can also find this song in the TikTok app on your mobile device. You will need to be logged into a TikTok business account to do this.

  1. Tap the + sign at the bottom of the app screen
  2. Then tap the 🎵 Add sound button at the top of the screen
  3. This takes you to the commercial sounds page, where all songs have commercial use rights.

Music in booking campaigns

While you can use music from the TikTok Audio Library in ads that use TikTok's self-service platform, TikTok Ads Manager, you must complete an application form to use the music in what TikTok calls "Booking Campaigns." These are the types of listings you need to bookadvertising spots through TikTok. These include Top View,hashtag challengesand brand effect ads. Once you place your order, you can select a track. TikTok then verifies that the requested track meets your campaign's requirements and that other campaigns are currently using it.

House of Marketers can guarantee that you do not violate any copyright laws in your campaign.

If you want to run advertising campaigns on TikTok, House of Marketing offers aSuccess-oriented TikTok ad service. We can fully manage your TikTok ad services, doing everything from custom content creation to regular ad management. Rest assured, we'll only use soundtracks for your ads from TikTok's royalty-free music library or custom music of your choice. You are not afraid that TikTok will remove your ads due to copyright infringement.

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TikTok's Royalty Free Music Library for Promotional Content (600,000+ Songs) | Man (5)

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