The best rates for parking at O'Hare Airport (2023)

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Parking at Chicago O'Hare International Airport: Same as 2North DakotaThe busiest airport in the world, Chicago can be very busy and bustling. It is an extremely large airport in the heart of the metropolitan area. It used to be known as Orchard Field and was used for military production. When you're traveling to O'Hare, preparation is key and TravelCar can make sure you're prepared to get the best rates and parking. O'Hare has great restaurants with local cuisine. Finding parking in O'Hare can be difficult, and on-site parking is often expensive and far from the terminal. TravelCar has better rates than on-site parking. TravelCar also offers valet parking and car wash services, making their services unlike any other. TravelCar is found in all kinds of transport hubs, entertainment venues and more. You'll get more convenient bookings, better customer service, shorter transit times and cheaper parking. The TravelCar service is fantastic and is rated over 9 on TrustPilot. Your related batches are safe and clean. There are many options to get to and from the airport, including public transport - trains and buses. Taxis are also available but can be very expensive. Getting to the airport is simple and convenient, especially if you book your parking in advance. Be sure to arrive early, especially if you have extra luggage.

The best parking near the Chicago airport

Chicago Airport is an international airport and is considered one of the busiest airports in the world. Due to its location and excellent airport, millions of passengers use it every year. This caused a big parking problem near the airport and you can't find a good place to park. TravelCar helps you find the perfect parking spot online and provides free services!

Introduction to Chicago O'Hare International Airport

Chicago O'Hare International Airport is one of the world's major transportation hubs. like 2North DakotaO'Hare, the world's busiest airport in terms of takeoffs and landings, and the busiest airport in the Midwestern United States, was once so busy that the FAA had to order flights to be diverted to other airports to reduce passenger delays. Today, Chicago O'Hare International Airport serves flights to 157 U.S. destinations and 60 international destinations, and is a hub for United Airlines and American Airlines.

Chicago O'Hare is an unusually large airport considering its integration with the sprawling city of Chicago, IL. O'Hare's 7,627-acre land is a massive area northwest of Chicago's commercial and tourist hubs. There are seven active runways on O'Hare Land, the longest of which is 4,000 meters long.

With nearly 80 million passengers served in 2017, O'Hare ranks second in terms of air trafficHartsfield-Jackson International Airport in AtlantaIn Georgia. It has won the recognition of many groups of travelers and is one of the most recognizable international airports in the world.

O'Hare's story is fascinating; One secMidway Airportwas Chicago's first airport, Chicago's first military construction led to the creation of a separate Douglas Company airport from Midway, which was sold by Douglas in 1945 to become Orchard Field. Interestingly, Orchard Field is where O'Hare gets his unique IATA code "ORD".

The US Air Force continued to use Orchard Field even though commercial use of the airport began in 1946. Orchard Field was officially renamed Chicago O'Hare in 1949, in honor of ace pilot Butch O'Hare. Since then, O'Hare has grown steadily, becoming an amazing center of the world, now recognized by travelers from all over the world.

If you are planning a flight to or from O'Hare, preparation is key. You don't go through world 2North Dakotabusiest airport without getting caught up in traffic, crowds and queues. With that in mind, this guide will tell you how to get, drive and park in Chicago ORD. While on-site parking can be very expensive during peak hours, there are other options. The TravelCar we cover in detail in this guide can beat the prices on the site and get you to your flight faster than ever.

Contact, address and coordinates of Chicago O'Hare International Airport

ADDRESS IATA code Airport type Phone number airport traffic Co-ordinates
10000 W. Ohare Avenue, Chicago, IL 60666 ORD (short for Orchard Field Airport, former name of O'Hare) International Public Airport 1-800-832-6352 Intensive local traffic, nearly 900,000 flights and transfers per year 41,9742, 87,9073

O'Hare is one of the largest airports in the world, boasting amazing restaurants, fantastic views and some of the best airline lounges in the world. Whether you're looking for a quick snack or a pre-flight pass, you'll find everything you need at O'Hare. If you're flying into Concourse B, stop by the Galileo Bar & Grill, where you can enjoy a cold beer and a real Chicago Dog without leaving the airport. If you're looking for a quick snack or a fantastic gift to take home, consider Garrett Popcorn Shops, with locations throughout the airport where you can purchase all kinds of delicious popcorn snacks.

The best rates for parking at O'Hare Airport (1)

A guide to cheap parking in Chicago O'Hare and hundreds of major destinations

Due to the large number of travelers passing through ORD, it is not always easy to find affordable, convenient and secure parking nearby. Fortunately, there are cheap parking options. The best example can be found in O'Hare TravelCar offers. TravelCar partners allow you to save money and get to the airport often faster than even on-site parking.

Parking at the O'Hare Hotel can be expensive and is often subject to availability; Parking next to the main terminal costs $40 per day, and cheap outdoor remote parking lots for $17 per day are far from the airport and require long walks or crowded shuttle rides. However, with TravelCar, you can use covered on-demand parking just 6 minutes from the airport for less than $12 a day. If this example does not illustrate the on-site parking situation in both countries of the worldNorth Dakotabusiest airport, there is more to understand.

Although parking at O'Hare Airport (and many other airports) is closer by looking at the map, the waiting time for shuttle services, walking distance (including elevators and checkouts), and baggage complications make solutions such as car travel a fasteryeasier.

What's even more convenient is that TravelCar has parking partners all over the world, which means you can park anywhere cheaply. Whether you're headed to the Big Apple for a business meeting or a critically acclaimed Broadway show, TravelCar has offices in Newark, LaGuardia, JFK, and even major subway hubs in the area. If you are planning to pick up your car in Atlanta, you can rest assured that you will have a parking spot to get you to and from the airport without getting stuck in Atlanta's busy traffic.

But TravelCar is not only about airports. TravelCar destinations can be found at major ports such as the Port of New York Authority and Port of Miami, entertainment venues such as TD Garden in Boston, and train stations such as Grand Central in New York mentioned above.

The biggest advantage of booking parking through TravelCar is that it offers services that no one else offers. If you have a meeting right after your flight, ask TravelCar to wash your car and pull it to the curb. No need for transportation or extra stress. Valet and car wash services are often much cheaper than even low-cost parking options that are not affiliated with TravelCar.

What's even better about TravelCar is that they actually offer the best low-cost parking option on the market: free ride-sharing parking. Here's how it works: register your car in the carpooling program and leave the keys with the car park manager. For the duration of your trip, your car is available for short-term rental, fully insured by TravelCar. Parking will be free just for having a car, and if you rent it while you are away, you will also earn money. Low risk, high rewards and free parking!

We all know how exhausting traveling can be. Parking before and after your trip should not add to this. TravelCar affiliated areas are safe and clean, often staffed with security guards, automatic gates and live video surveillance. Most travelers have experienced the fear of their car becoming unsafe while traveling, but there is no reason to be nervous if you know and trust the people you work with. On the TravelCar website, you can view their fate and find out what security they have and where they are located. There are no surprises in the TravelCar process.

Find the ORD car park

O'Hare International Airport is surrounded on all sides by one of the busiest megacities in the United States. With this in mind, traffic should always be expected. On-site parking is along O'Hare Avenue, the more expensive parking lot is closer to the terminals, and the inexpensive parking lot is down the alley from the airport. Inexpensive parking is not within a reasonable distance and if you are carrying luggage you will need to board the airport bus.

Note: O'Hare has four active terminals, although "Terminal 4" no longer exists.

Terminal nearest plot Direction to the parking lot parking hours Transport Information
1 WallyPark Chicago O'Hare East, 1.5 miles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Our bus is available 24/7 and runs every 5 minutes. The duration of the journey is approximately 6 minutes.
2 WallyPark Chicago O'Hare East, 1.5 miles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Our bus is available 24/7 and runs every 5 minutes. The duration of the journey is approximately 6 minutes.
3 WallyPark Chicago O'Hare East, 1.5 miles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Our bus is available 24/7 and runs every 5 minutes. The duration of the journey is approximately 6 minutes.
5 WallyPark Chicago O'Hare East, 1.5 miles 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Our bus is available 24/7 and runs every 5 minutes. The duration of the journey is approximately 6 minutes.

Why is it worth parking a TravelCar in ORD?

Parking in Chicago O'Hare is especially expensive if you opt for on-site parking. Even with a reservation, you can pay hundreds of dollars in parking fees to even access nearby covered parking. TravelCar, for its part, has a nearby, affordable and secure car park that will not only save you time, but also offer services almost unheard of at other car parks. Plan your trip ahead of time, enjoy a clean car delivered right to the curb and get the peace of mind that should be the norm in modern travel.

Another reason to choose TravelCar is because you will get real customer service. In addition to checking related facilities, TravelCar maintains its own customer support team that can assist you 24/7 with bookings, cancellations, changes and parking issues you encounter. They have received and maintained a rating of over 9 on TrustPilot and their merchandise also receives independent reviews which can be viewed online before booking.

TravelCar pride themselves on their services and it is really this service that sets them apart from non-partner parking companies. With TravelCar, one call is all it takes to get help, and you can rest assured that you'll receive high-quality valet service and more.

Do i z Chicago O'Hare

Although the Chicago metropolitan area can be busy during rush hour, getting to O'Hare from downtown Chicago is fairly straightforward. However, driving is not the only way to get to and from O'Hare. There are several methods of public and private transport that are worth exploring:

  1. Public transport

The most popular mode of transportation in Chicago is the "L" trains, or local trains. Operated by the Chicago Transportation Authority, Blue Line L trains run directly to and from the airport. From most Blue Line L stations, travelers can transfer to buses that run around the rest of the city. The L line fare to and from O'Hare is $5 and the regular fare to other stops is $2.50.

In addition to the L trains, Metra also offers trains to and from O'Hare. The North Central Line will serve commuters from downtown to O'Hare via the O'Hare Interchange Station. The fare for a ticket to O'Hare on the North Central Metro line ranges from $4 to $10, depending on the distance traveled. Weekend passes cost $10 and may be more useful for travelers wanting to go to multiple destinations than a one-time fee.

  1. Taxis and ridesharing

At O'Hare, taxis line up at designated stands whose job is to control traffic flow and ensure that only genuine taxi companies have access to travelers. O'Hare's official website indicates that the average ticket price in downtown Chicago is $30 to $40.

To get cheaper fares, many travelers choose to use ride-sharing services, including the TravelCar ride-sharing service. Rates vary based on length of use and peak hours.

  1. driving

Travelers traveling by car to the airport from Chicago should take I-90 West. The I-90 airport exit will take the driver to O'Hare Avenue, from where they can simply follow the signs for departures, arrivals or on-site parking.

Last notes before the flight

With as many flights as Chicago O'Hare International Airport, always be careful to arrive much earlier than other regional and even international airports. Luggage, tickets, and security can cause delays, especially if you're traveling during peak hours. If you're traveling during peak hours, consider making your trip less stressful and smoother by opting for TravelCar's valet service, which will ensure you don't experience additional parking delays or long-distance luggage transport.


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