Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (2023)

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Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (1)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (2)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (3)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (4)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (5)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (6)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (7)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (8)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (9)

Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (10)




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Book a cheap Park &Jet Airport parking near PHL

Located minutes from Philadelphia International Airport. Complimentary airport transfers are included for online purchases. There are no additional fees for large trucks, vans and large SUVs. A room reservation is not necessary.

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A shuttle service to and from the airport is available 24/7 upon request. Please arrive at the car park at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival at the PHL Departure Terminal.

  1. Enter through the Clarion Hotel and Park & ​​Jet sign.
  2. Get your ticket and keep it for your return.
  3. Please park in the designated area and wait for the bus next to your car. Many staff will help you with your luggage.
  4. The shuttle will drop you off at the curb of the airport terminal.

Return flight: call 610-521-6247 for transfer


76 Industrial Highway, Essington, PA, Essington, PA, EE. UU.

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Park & ​​Jet Fares, Reviews & Coupons | Philadelphia Airport Parking (11)

Google Reviews

Jay Z


I used them for the first time and they were great! We left the car and the bus was waiting for us. We called when we landed and waited about 10 minutes for them to come. Smooth transition in both directions. I would use it again.

David Newman


Good parking prices. The driver got to the airport quickly. We've used them before.

Leona Baylor


Search Groupon and you'll find great discounts. Parked for 5 days for $65 including taxes and fees. You don't walk through the parking lot at all, the bus picks you up from your car and drops you off at your car. When they pick you up, they'll give you a business card with the location of your car and a number to call when you're ready to be picked up at the airport. If you need to arrive early for your flight or stay longer, the Clarion Hotel is literally steps away from the car park.

Imani Williams


The reviews put me off using this company, but my experience was great. They promptly dropped us off at the airport and picked us up at the airport. Our wait was less than 10 minutes, and as we collected our bags, we saw the bus leaving, meaning they traveled back and forth frequently. I would use this company again.

Karen Fitt


The first time I brought my own car to the airport... it was very convenient and easy! He showed us where to park, the bus picked us up directly from the car and drove us to the airport. On my return I called and told where I was, the bus quickly picked us up and dropped us off right at our car. He helped me with my bags and even helped me get on and off the ferry. (I have a bad knee). The price was very reasonable.

Davdanov's dream


Great deals on Groupon. Always use them. friendly staff. Immediate delivery and collection. Never have any problem. I needed a jump once and they helped us. Good people.

Keitha Edwardsa


No problem with the services. On a Sunday morning at 5:45am the pick up from the airport was 15 minutes and driver Wayne was very supportive in helping my 94 year old mother...other than bus transportation. Now the only issue I had was that I was charged an extra 50 cents for no apparent reason as the reservations were made 3 months in advance and I arrived at the car park 10 minutes before my arrival time but left the car park 2 hours before my arrival time. My reservation ended. 50 cents is not a problem, they are just charged for no apparent reason. Good overall experience.

Anna Maria


I was a solo traveler and the process was fun and easy. I booked through your website for a flat rate during December holiday travel. They took me right away. When I got back to the airport I had to wait about 15 minutes but I guess it's not too bad. All the night shift staff were friendly and professional. I recommend if you are looking for a cheaper option.

Toma Purcella


Used this car park on our last 3 trips. I purchased discount vouchers for 7 and 10 day tours through Groupon. The service was excellent, we left the car around 6am and the return flights were between midnight and 1am. All the van drivers were nice and helpful. The longest we waited was 13-14 minutes.

Eileen Renee


I had great experiences with them. I called right after baggage claim and within 10 minutes we were greeted at the designated area. They dropped us off directly at the car and made sure the car started. They even gave us a battery charge as mine was dead. It was more reasonable than Uber and didn't bother a friend while driving (especially considering how unreliable airline flights are these days).

Gayle Musselmam


I park here every time I fly to PHL. Fast, friendly and efficient transfer, my car is safe and there is almost always a discount available so prices are very good. Advance booking is required, which I don't see as a problem.

Heather B


Great experience. We parked and they were there immediately to take us to the airport. Then, after returning from Florida, we only had to wait a few minutes in freezing Philadelphia before being picked up. Great service and friendly drivers. The terrain is bumpier than the rest of Philadelphia, but there are no problems getting in and out.

I am Rlamont


Great drivers who are nice and friendly. Found a great Groupon deal for this place. They pick you up and drop you directly to your car. They put your luggage in the van.

Kathy Davenport


Parking was easy. There was a bus waiting for us to take us to the airport. The driver was friendly and helpful. Upon my return, I requested a pickup and the bus arrived shortly after my call.

Allena to Seltzer


We parked here for the first time since the closure of the business we used. We were very pleased with the service we received. Parked there for 10 days. A few minutes after our arrival, the driver was right in front of our car. He loaded his van with our luggage and headed to the airport. When we got back to the airport after picking up our luggage, we called the company to pick it up. They were there within minutes. I loaded the van again and we drove to the parking lot. Even if the other business were to reopen, I would definitely stay here. Park & ​​Jet Airport parking is great. Very good. I highly recommend them. The price is also very good!

Dimples S


Good parking deals on Groupon. Services include transportation to and from the airport.

Very comfortable and hassle free.

Michelle Cooper


I have used Park & ​​Jet in the past and have never been disappointed and received excellent service. The property is easily located less than 5 minutes from the airport. The bus is easy to catch at the exit of the airport. If it's too full they call to immediately send another bus to pick you up. The bus will take you to the car and load your luggage into it. Very fast and convenient service.



When we talk about Philadelphia Airport parking lots, we don't really mean fancy indoor parking lots. What we're really talking about is affordability, safety and reliable transportation to and from the airport. Park and Jet score good on all three points. Ready for a fast ride! Also, don't forget to buy a coupon online to save some money.

Beverly Arroz


The van will pick you up and drop you off at your car, which is a good place if you need to walk around the islands with your luggage. Airport pickup was great, you don't have to wait for anything. The drivers were helpful and polite. Get the coupon code, you will save a lot of money.

good Colleen


I love this place. I have used Park & ​​Jet many times over the last 8 years. I've tried others but always come back. nice service. Helpful. Fast drivers. It's never been a big problem other than my GPS guiding me differently each time. Hahaha

Tina is cheating


Helpful staff, car pick up and drop off, help with luggage, very nice drivers, warm van. Great, easy overall service! The price looked good but be careful as there are numerous fees and taxes at the end.

David Burke


The drivers are very helpful and know where to pick up and drop off passengers arriving and departing on holiday. Parking is safe.

billa metza


He drove us to the airport very quickly, but it took him 25 minutes to pick us up from the airport which seems like an eternity when you just want to go home. The first bus was clean. The second was a bit tacky.

Doctor Hasan


Convenient and excellent service. I have a good deal with them and they are doing pretty well with pick up time and services. I will recommend this service to other people.



Great parking and travel experience to and from PHI. I also want to say that the staff here is amazing! I realized that the next day after my flight I had lost my car keys. I called the number on the business card they gave me and left a message telling me where I parked and where I believe it fell out of my pocket. Gus called me back and said he followed the instructions on my voicemail and found my car key. Six days later, I picked up my key at the checkpoint on my way back from the airport and drove home. Hey, it was my fault so they took the time to look into it; It wasn't necessary, but I'm very grateful that they did. I will never park anywhere else!

Alice C


Fast and friendly. Just remember to check the exit door, e.g. baggage claim D. Each door has its own zone 4.

Would have been 5 stars but ran into issues when my flight was rescheduled a day later. I was told that I could not extend my reservation at a promotional price even though I had not used part of it or at the online price. Luckily this employee was wrong, he stressed me out more for no reason.

Diane Mulreaney


I used Groupon. The price for the sensation was reasonable. I had excellent service. Don't wait to go to the airport or return to the airport. I would use this business again


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