Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (2023)

You wearPajamasgo to bed every night, but when was the last time you had a couple you really loved? If you sleep in ripped college tees and tattered hoodies, it's time to update your PJ wardrobe with comfortable style.sleeping clothes. Ideal for all seasons, these soft, breathable styles are super comfortable for lounging around the house, watching movie marathons, and sleeping soundly every night.

OInstitute for good cleaningTextiles Lab puts pajamas to the test, evaluating durability in the lab and recruiting consumer testers to wear them at home and provide feedback. After analyzing over 500 data points, we determinedbest pajamas for men to buyfrom powerhouse brands, popular styles, and online favorites with rave reviews:


Best pajama set for men

Tommy John

Second Skin micro rib pajamas and jogger backpack

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (1)

Tommy John

  • soft modal fabric
  • corresponding sentence
  • You can choose different sizes for tops and bottoms
  • Available only in black

Popular for their incredibly soft fabrics, Tommy John pajamas are sure to impress. Luxurious modal fabric is silky to the touch and has a ribbed texture for a breathable feel. This selection includesa t-shirt and tapered sweatpants that can even be worn outside.We love that you can choose a different size for the top and bottom to ensure a perfect fit.


cheap pajamas for men


Men's long sleeve pajama gift set

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (2)


  • Affordable price
  • 10 color options
  • Thousands of raving Amazon reviews
  • No pants pockets

Starting at just $22, this best-selling pajama set is made from a cotton-polyester blend and comes in 10 shades. With over 3,000 glowing Amazon reviews, the long-sleeved top and pants are breathable enough to wear all year round. One reviewer particularly loves that they are"light, comfortable and comfortable to sleep on."Some critics wish the pants had pockets.



Mack Weldon

ace sweatpants

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (3)

Mack Weldon

  • Super soft micrograin French terry
  • Sneak zippered pockets
  • conical leg
  • Some reviewers say the size is small
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Reviewers can't get enough of itSuper cozy sweaters that are as fashionable as they are comfortable.The tailored fit and tapered ankle give these hoodies a more sophisticated look for everyday wear, and they're "super comfortable and look stylish," says one reviewer. "I especially like the deep pockets," says another.The brand says it has improved on French terry (a classic sweatpants material) by adding "5% stretch" for a more comfortable fit and sanding the fabric for a super soft, smooth finish.


Best sweatpants for men

outdoor voices

Joggers to wear all day

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (4)

outdoor voices

  • Polyester and spandex knit fabric
  • Popular because it is very soft and breathable
  • Available in grey, blue and green
  • Not as hot as thicker sweats

these are theperfect jogging pants for the man on the go.These Outdoor Voices jogging pants are made from a polyester and spandex knit fabric and are loved for their super-soft feel and amazing breathability. To make it a set, you can buy itmatching shirtseparated.


Best boxer briefs for men

Calvin Klein

Cotton Classics Men's Multipack Knit Boxer Briefs

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (5)

Calvin Klein

Now 16% off

  • Over 4,000 raving Amazon reviews
  • Soft and silky cotton fabric
  • roomy fit
  • Too loose to wear under tight clothing, according to reviewers

To beCotton boxer briefs are perfect for sleepingbecause they are soft and silky. Available in five colors and a three-pack, these boxers have received over 4,000 glowing Amazon reviews. Reviewers recommend checking the size chart as some say they run a little big.


Best winter pajamas for men

J. Crew

flannel pajama set

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (6)

team j

  • cozy flannel fabric
  • Chest patch and back pockets
  • Perfect for the holidays
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  • Only available in plaid prints

this holiday season,Cozy up by the fireplace in warm cotton flannel pajamas.Online reviewers love J.Crew's flannel pajamas for the whole family. This set is available in five patterns ranging in size from XS to XXL. With a chest and back pocket, these pajamas have a classic look that will keep you looking good when you roll out of bed.


The best runners for men

por Brookline

mountain runner

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (7)

por Brookline

  • Comfortable feeling but stylish appearance
  • French terry cotton and modal fabric
  • Designed to be used all day
  • Only available in black and gray

Popular for its super softsheets,por Brooklinenow offerthe ultimate in sleepwear that's cozy and stylish.These runners are comfortable and stylish enough to wear out the door. The French Terry fabric is a blend of cotton modal with a little elastane for added stretch.


The best basic t-shirts for men


3 camisetas cotton

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (8)


  • Affordable price
  • 13,000 Amazon reviews
  • Available up to 4XL
  • somewhat transparent

ABasic pajamas, this three-pack of Hanes t-shirts is a must-have. Available in white and black, reviewers love that the collar lays flat after every wear. With an impressive 13,000 Amazon reviews, reviewers wear it like pajamas, T-shirts, and plain T-shirts. Did we mention it costs just over $3 per shirt?


The best pajama shorts for men


pajama shorts for men

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (9)


  • funny prints
  • Makes an excellent gift
  • soft cotton fabric
  • Longer than other pajama shorts

Featuring fun prints like bears, dogs and lobsters, these shorts make the perfect summer pajama set and make a great gift too. There istwo large side pockets and an elastic waistband for a comfortable fit.With nearly 1,000 5-star reviews, reviewers love the soft cotton fabric and loose, roomy design.

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Best long sleeve sleep shirt for men


men's slim fit long sleeve henley shirt

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (10)


Now 30% off

  • budget friendly
  • Available in a variety of neutral tones
  • 100% cotton fabric
  • Shrinks a little in the wash according to reviewers

This classic Henley shirt can be worn to sleep or with jeans. This affordable top comes in 12 shades and is only $12 - you'll want one in every color! It's 100% cotton and some reviewers have noted that it shrinks a little in the wash. AsSuper soft material, many reviewers call it a dream nightshirt.


Best crew neck sweatshirt for men

Master LIFE

Herren reverse weave sweatshirt LIFE

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (11)


  • big closet
  • 35 tons
  • Please use the size chart before ordering.

This crew neck sweatshirt from Champion is acasual clothinghe must. That's itcozy and trendy at the same time, you'll never want to take it off!With 35 shades, including neutrals and bolds, you're sure to find a look you'll love. Reviewers recommend looking at the size chart to ensure a correct fit.


Best Custom Pajama Set for Men


Custom Male Pajama Set

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (12)


  • Tons of embroidery thread options
  • Can embroider full names or monogram initials
  • Return accepted
  • Minimal pajama farb options
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For a thoughtful giftThis pajama set can be personalized with custom embroidery.. There are more than 38 different shades and 13 font options for embroidery and the pajamas are available in blue, navy or black. This brand has received thousands of compliments on Etsy for their fast shipping with beautiful embroidery designs.


best silk pajamas for men

silk of lily

Men's black silk long pajama set

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (13)

silk of lily

  • 100% it 22 moms
  • Available in six colors and up to 3XL
  • Luxury feel
  • weak keys

Known for its soft feel, inherent cooling properties, and luxurious feel, silk is a popular material for pajamas and pajamas.pillowcasesAs. This LilySilk pajama set consists of100% it 22 momsfor an extremely smooth grip. This long sleeve top and full pant set comes in six colors and up to a size 3XL. Reviewers love the quality of the fabric, saying they "feel classy" when worn, but some noted that the buttons fell off or were sewn too loosely.


Best refreshing pajamas for men

cool jams

Moisture wicking pajama pants for men

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (14)

cool jams

  • Moisture wicking fabric
  • fast drying
  • Loose and comfortable fit
  • Carefully follow the care label

Asmatching cooling shirt, these CoolJams pajamas are ideal for sweaty sleepers. Fabric was made for this.absorbs moisture and dries quicklyto keep your body at a more stable temperature overnight. Reviewers love the soft fabric, with one saying it's "the best thing about sweat-wicking sleepwear." Please note that it is important to follow the care instructions carefully for best results.


Best hoodie for men

Alternatives Store

Men's Rocky Zip Hooded Sweatshirt

Men Swear These Sweatpants Are "Life Changing" (15)

Alternatives Store

  • Interior made of soft wool
  • Luz
  • 28 color options
  • Pills a little over time

Ideal for use at home, this Alternative Store sweatshirt is made from a cotton/polyester blend with a soft fleece interior. It comes in 28 colors in every shade of the rainbow and is light to the touch. Reviewers note that the fabric flakes a bit over time.


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