Compare Water Filters: Whole House, Reverse Osmosis, Alkaline Systems (2023)

Elite Series 1 Undermount Water Filter

The Elite Series 1 is an under counter water filter. It is a system withIntelligent DesignFeatures that make it the most technologically advanced filter on the market. The Elite Series 1 submersible water filter is suitable for people with the following needs:

A great water filter encourages youElite Series 1 Undermount Water Filter.

Elite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter

The Elite Series 2 uses an alkaline water filter cartridge in the final stage of the filtration process. The alkaline cartridge provides the extra health boost. The alkaline water filter Elite Series 2 is suitable for the following people:

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A Great Water Filters kommercializa oElite Series 2 Alkaline Water Filter. It comes with a water filter Intelligent DesignCharacteristics. The alkaline filter helps you balance your body's pH levels and adds healthy minerals to help you look your best.

Read more about alkaline water,

  • Advantages of alkaline filters

Elite Series 3 reverse osmosis

A reverse osmosis water filter is recommended for people with the following needs:

  • People who want the highest purity available
  • People who want guaranteed fluoride removal
  • People who want to completely remove dissolved solids from their drinking water
  • People who want 100% protection from heavy pollution in their water system
  • People who want a system hidden under the sink
  • People who want an easy-to-maintain system
  • People who want service insurance

A great water filter encourages you Elite Series 3 Reverse Osmosis Water Filter. This water filtration system is the Rolls Royce in the water filtration market. It is designed to remove no less than 99% of all water contaminants.

Elite Series 4 UV Light Water Filters

Here are the following reasons why UV light can meet your needs.

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  • People drinking water from a rainwater tank
  • People who drink water from an untreated water supply
  • People who want guaranteed removal of parasites and bacteria
  • People who do not want to use chemical treatment

A Great Water Filters kommercializa oElite Series 4 Under Sink UV Light Water Filter. It protects you and your family from the dangers of germs. You can upgrade any Elite series with a UV light filter. OElite Series 5 Whole Home Water Treatment Systemcan also be updated. Ultraviolet light water treatment is highly recommended.

Elite Series 5 water filters for the whole home

The Whole House Water Filtration System is a one-stop solution for your water needs. The Elite Series 5 is for people with the following needs:

People who want pure water throughout the house.

For guaranteed total protection for you and your family, the Whole Home Water Filter offers a complete package. Fresh, safe water at every outlet in your home has additional benefits. Domestic activities do not only take place in the kitchen. With a whole-home water filter, you can fill your pets' water fountains from the faucet in the laundry room. You may want to water your precious garden and houseplants with filtered water. Filtered water in all outlets in your home gives you more flexibility.

People who want pure water in their shower and bath

Showering or bathing is the best way to feel clean. Being washed with contaminated water is just an added luxury at an affordable price. When your body is washed in fresh water, your body benefits.

People with skin irritations or dry scalp

Filtered water is easier to strain on your skin. Chlorine reacts with proteins. This means chlorine will dry out your skin, making it itchy and red, and irritating pre-existing skin conditions. IF you want your skin to look younger and healthier, filtered bath water is recommended.

People who don't want to feel short of breath after a bath or shower.

Chlorine in water produces gaseous by-products when heated above 25 degrees. This can cause problems, especially for people with asthma or other respiratory diseases. Chlorine gas from baths and showers can make you feel tired and tight in your chest. A whole house water filter relieves your breathing and reduces the tiredness you feel after a bath or shower.

People who want to get rid of limescale and stains on their devices use water.

Limescale is caused by excessive levels of minerals in the water. The problem with scale is that it builds up in the heating elements of your appliances like irons, kettles, washing machines and water heaters. If the heating element is calcified, your devices will not work efficiently. Additional electricity is needed to heat the water and your appliances will have a shorter lifespan. Scaling costs you money.

They sell big water filtersElite Series 5 Whole Housewater filter. It has a descaling function to protect your devices from water consumption. You'll save money on utility bills and equipment replacement costs.

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In addition, you and your family will be protected from contamination of your water supply. The Elite Series 5 is a robust water filter with 3 filter cartridges. You have fresh and safe drinking water. Every socket in your house provides you with high-quality water. By removing chlorine from bathroom water, your skin and hair will be healthier, you'll breathe easier, and you won't feel tense and tired after your shower.

Elite Series 6 Office-Wasserkühler

Office coolers or coolers are beneficial for your office or business. Here are the reasons:

Promotes healthier habits and better productivity

Your employees will enjoy the benefits of having chilled filtered water available. Lack of energy and fatigue are mostly caused by dehydration. Most people don't drink regularly because they feel tired or very thirsty. A water fountain that provides cold, filtered water that is more pleasant to drink. Your team will drink this type of water more often than unfiltered water. This will make your team happier, more alert and help them maintain high levels of productivity.

Customer visits feel happier

Providing water to your visiting customers or clients will make their experience at your workplace more enjoyable. The customer has made an effort to visit your place of business. Such an effort requires them to stay hydrated. They will enjoy a cool drink with great tasting filtered water when they arrive.

Save money by not having to buy water

You save money when buying water. People generally prefer buying water to drinking tap water. If you have a filtered water dispenser, you and your employees do not have to buy bottled water.

If you have your water cooler with a filter, you don't have to go to a water company that supplies large, heavy water barrels. The water cooler is piped to your building's water source. This water source is the cheapest available. A cooler with a filter system provides you with high-quality water at no additional cost.

to save time

You'll enjoy unlimited purified water without the hassle of ordering, deliveries and staff lugging heavy bottles. Water coolers require minimal maintenance. Once the water cooler is connected to the building's water supply, all you have to do is turn on the tap and enjoy chilled, filtered water.

high quality water

Channel coolers with a filter system remove a high percentage of dirt, chemical contaminants and germs. A filter system with 3 filter cartridges removes over 90% of the impurities. As a result, your water not only tastes fresh and pure, but also ensures reliable quality. You, your employees and your customers will enjoy drinking water of this quality.

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Great Water Filters has a range of water coolers perfect for your office or shop. BothElite 6 series water coolers for freelance installersit is atElite 6UB-SerieHave a water filtration system connected to your building's water source. These types of water fountains bring benefits to your business.

Imagine having the convenience of instant cooking in the kitchen. Our lifestyle doesn't leave much time for the activities we love to do. An instantaneous water heater in your kitchen becomes a luxury item that makes your life a little easier. The Elite Series 7 is suitable for the following groups of people:

People who want bottles and pacifiers

Boiling water is required to sterilize bottles and pacifiers. An instant boiler saves you time and eliminates stress. You don't have to think about organizing this routine. Just turn on the tap and your baby's accessories will be sterilized in no time.

People who want to make baby food

The instantaneous water heater supplies water for the production of baby food. The water is also filtered, so your baby gets fresh, safe water. This makes the formula taste better. You also save time. A crying baby can get his formula in seconds.

People who want instant teas and coffees

You don't have to wait for the kettle to boil. You can sit back and relax within seconds after deciding on a cup of tea or coffee. The water is also filtered, which means your teas, coffees and other hot beverages will taste better.

People who want hot water to boost their meals

Families are always busy. A water heater gives you more flexibility with your time. Whether you're preparing the meal, filling a thermos with a hot drink, or using water as an ingredient, a pressure cooker gives you more time to relax and do the things you love.

People who want their hot water filtered

Pollutant-free water benefits your health. The Instant Boiler gives you the opportunity to use safe, cool and hot water. This benefits the taste and quality of hot beverages, food prepared with boiling water and baby food.

They sell big water filters.This product was developed in Australia. This saves money and time. Bring the luxury of this product into your home.

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