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Cigarettes and Tobacco

  • Swan extra fine filter tips 120 pcs
  • Pack of 5 Rizla Green Regular Rolling Papers
  • Golden Virginia The Original Tobacco 50g
  • Lambert & Butler Blue Cigarettes Real Blue 20 pcs
  • JPS Players Superkings Royal Red Cigarettes 20pk
  • Bright Yellow Golden Virginia Tobacco Includes 50 g of cigarette paper
  • Gold Leaf JPS Quality Blend Tobacco 50g
  • Original Rolling Tobacco Amber Leaf 50g
  • Tabaco de Liar Sterling 50g
  • JPS Players Filtro Verde Superkings 20pk
  • Benson & Hedges Cigarettes Blue 20 pcs
  • Pack of 20 silk-cut silver cigarettes

electronic cigarettes

  • Aqua Vape Mbar Pro
  • Aqua Vape Mbar Pro
  • Blu Pro Cleaner
  • Ten Reasons 8 Menthol
  • Ten Reasons 8 Regular
  • 88Vape Menthol Chill AnyTank E-Liquid 6mg
  • selection of blue leaves
  • Vuse ePen Pods Crisp Mint 18 mg-ml
  • Aqua Vape Smok Disposable Mbar Pro Strawberry Ice 20MG
  • Aqua Vape Smok Disposable Mbar Pro Ice Watermelon 20MG
  • Aqua Vape Smok Disposable Mbar Pro Blue Raspberry 20MG
  • Aqua Vape Smok Disposable Mbar Pro Sour Apple 20MG
  • 88Vape Fresh Grape Disposable 20MG
  • 88Vape Desechable Peach Ice 20MG
  • Disposable 88Vape 20MG Ice Watermelon

vegan food

  • OMV! Deliciously Vegan By Asda 2 Golden Syrup Sponge Pudins
  • OMV! Deliciously Vegan by Asda 4 Brioche Burger Buns
  • OMV! Deliciously Vegan By Asda Cheddar Style Bake with Chives and Garlic 150g
  • ¡OMV! Deliciously Vegan By Asda Choc Dip Selección 2 x 70g
  • ¡OMV! Deliciously Vegan By Asda Thin Stonebaked Vegetable Feast Pizza vegana 282 g
  • Asda Mexican Plant Based Salad 227g
  • Onion Bhaji Wrap Without Vegetable Based Chicken Tikka ASDA
  • OMV! Asda Hoisin's Deliciously Vegan Duckless Wrap
  • Frozen Bird's Eye 2 Breaded Fillets Without Fish Cozinha Verde 216G
  • Frozen Birds Eye Green Cuisine 4 Veggie Quarter Pounders 454G
  • Frozen GoodLife Spicy Beanburger Paquete de 4 454G
  • GoodLife Kyiv Frozen Mushrooms and Spinach Pack of 2 250g
  • Frozen GoodLife Falafel 280G
  • Meatless Frozen Meatballs 270G
  • Frozen Dopsu Without Duck In Pieces 280G

Price Locked: Pay prices in store

  • ASDA semi-skimmed milk 2pts
  • ASDA Espinacas 300G
  • ASDA 10 slices of smoked loin 300g
  • Pom Bear Original Multipack Patatas Fritas 6pk
  • Sprite original 2l
  • Mini Chicken Breast Fillets ASDA 500G
  • Cadbury Brunch Bar Chocolate Chips Pack of 5
  • Pack of 6 Cadbury Snack Shortcake chocolate cookies
  • ASDA 10 slices of non-smoked bacon 300g
  • Pack of 8 White ASDA Wraps
  • ASDA 4 chocolate cantillos
  • ASDA Grower's Selection Brown Onion 1kg
  • Pack of 8 white ASDA mini wraps
  • Barras de chocolate Cadbury Timeout 6 x 20 g
  • ASDA Heavenly Moments Milk Chocolate Ice Cream 3-Pack

bacon and sausage

  • Salsicha Malcolm Allen Lorne 300g
  • ASDA Gammon Joint 750G sem fumar
  • ASDA Extra Special Dry Cured Smokeless Sirloin 8 Slices 240g
  • ASDA Extra Special Smoked Dry Cured Bacon Loin 8 Slices 240g
  • ASDA Extra Special 6 Pork Sausages 400g
  • ASDA Extra Special 12 Chipolatas de Pork 375g
  • ASDA Extra Special 6 Bramley Pork and Apple Sausages 400g
  • ASDA Extra Special 6 Cumberland Pork Sausages 400g
  • Pork Sausages 400g
  • HECK 10 Italian Chicken Sausages 340g
  • ASDA 10 slices of non-smoked bacon 300g
  • ASDA 10 slices of smoked loin 300g
  • ASDA Delicious 6 slices thickly sliced ​​smoked bacon 300g 300G
  • ASDA Tasty 6 Slices Smoked Bacon Thick Cut 300g 300G
  • ASDA Extra Special 10 Classic Pork Sausages 667g

chicken and turkey

  • ASDA 2 Cheese and Ham Chicken Kievs 260g
  • ASDA 2 Garlic and Herbs Chicken Kievs 260g
  • Mini Chicken Breast Fillets ASDA 500G
  • Breaded Goujons De Pollo Británico ASDA 270g
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection Extra Tasty Large Chicken em saco de 1,6kg
  • ASDA Extra Special 4 Pudins Yorkshire Drip Beef 192g
  • Chicken Breast Fillet Tikka ASDA 400G
  • Mini chicken breast fillets with mango and coconut ASDA 400 g
  • Teriyaki ASDA sticky chicken breast mini fillets 400 g
  • ASDA British Boneless Chicken Leg Fillets 650g
  • Lean minced British Peafowl ASDA 750g
  • Asda Butcher's Selection British Chicken Leg Quarters 1,1kg
  • Turkey sausages with smoked paprika and chilli ASDA 454g
  • ASDA Creamy 2 Cheese and Bacon Pollo Kievs
  • Pieces of British Chicken Breaded with Fresh Buttermilk ASDA


  • ASDA Delicate 2 Basa Fillets 240G
  • ASDA Delicate 2 Fillets Basa Ahumados 230G
  • ASDA 2 Fillets of Lubina 180G
  • ASDA 2 Salmon Fillets 240G
  • ASDA Smoked Salmon 120g
  • ASDA 16 Seafood Sticks 250g
  • ASDA Peeled and Cooked Cold Water Shrimp 150g
  • ASDA Extra Special 2 Cod Pancakes with Creamy Parsley Sauce

meat alternatives

  • Vegetarian Quorn 3 Sausage Rolls 210g
  • Quorn Vegetarian Ham Slices 170G
  • Quorn Vegetarian Chicken Slices 170G
  • Richmond 8 Meatless Vegan Thick Sausages 336g
  • The Meatless Farm Co Meatless Farm Plant-based Burgers 227G
  • Vegetable-based meatless bacon-style slices 10 180 g
  • Meatless Richmond Smoked Bacon Slices 150g
  • Piezas Quorn 350g
  • ¡Brilliant Bangers de Quorn! 270g
  • Quorn Jerk Mini Filetes 138g
  • Quorn Creamy Korma Bites 180g
  • Quorn Tempura Filetes 200g
  • Asda Extra Special Vegan Wellington 500g
  • Asda Plant Based 10 Meatless Chicken Style Mini Kievs 180g
  • THIS is not Vegetable Sausage 230g

Pork, Beef and Lamb

  • ASDA Roast Steak 400g
  • Ternera ASDA en Data 400g
  • Beef fillet ASDA Prime 255g
  • Minced beef and pork ASDA (typically less than 23% fat) 750G
  • ASDA ground beef reduced fat (generally less than 12% fat) 1kg
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection 4-Quart Beef Burgers 454 g
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection Maple Pork Belly Slices 400G
  • ASDA Butcher's Selection 4 Chinese Pork Loin Steaks 440g
  • ASDA Extra Especial 4 Aberdeen Angus Beef Quarter Pounders 454G
  • ASDA Pork Loin Steaks 480g
  • Malcolm Allan 8 Beef Burgers 720g
  • Roasted Boneless and Shelled Pork Loin 700g
  • Tender Pork Loin Steaks 6 ASDA
  • ASDA 24 Beef Meatballs 672g
  • ASDA Pepper Sauce 180g

Frozen Chicken and Turkey

  • Frozen Chicken Eye 2 quarts 227g
  • Birds Eye 4 Frozen Chicken Burgers 200g
  • Frozen Birds Eye 2 Sweet Sticky Barbecue Grills Chicken 174g
  • Frozen Birds Eye 2 Chargrills de Pollo Originais 170g
  • Birds Eye Frozen 2 Crispy Breaded Chicken Grills 170G
  • Frozen Birds Eye 2 Spicy Spicy Grilled Chicken 180g
  • Birds Eye 2 Grilled Southern Fried Chicken 180G
  • Bird's Eye 10 Fingers of Pollo with Golden Integral 250g
  • Frozen Birds Eye 8 Grills Frango Churrasco 204g
  • Birds Eye 12 Dippers De Pollo 220G
  • ASDA Frozen BBQ Chicken Wings 1kg
  • Frozen Chicken Breast Fillet ASDA Cook 600G
  • Frozen Cubed Chicken Breast ASDA Cook
  • Birds Eye 38 Frozen Chicken Dippers 697g
  • ASDA Frozen Crispy Chicken Breast Strips 400g

frozen fish

  • ASDA 10 Omega 3 Fish Sticks 300g
  • Bird's Eye 8 Breaded Fish Sticks 224G
  • Young Frozen Breaded Shrimp 220g
  • ASDA 8 Fritters of Frozen Breaded Codfish 400g
  • Extra Special Frozen Cooked Jumbo Shrimp ASDA 200G
  • Extra Special Frozen Jumbo Shrimp Raw and Peeled ASDA 200g
  • Frozen Bird's Eye 10 Sticks of Codfish 280g
  • Frozen Bird's Eye 10 Omega 3 Breaded Fish 280 g
  • Omega 3 Fish Skewers 30 Bird's Eye 840 g
  • Birds Eye Frozen 4 Bacalao Rebozado Large Fillets 440g
  • Frozen Bird's Eye 4 Large Breaded Cod Fillets 440g
  • Frozen Bird Eye 12 Gluten Free Fish Fingers 360g
  • Frozen Birds Eye 2 Gluten Free Breaded Fish Fillets 250g
  • Birds Eye 6 Finger Fish Chunky 360g

Alternatives to frozen meat

  • Frozen Birds Eye 2 Green Cuisine Crispy Grills sem Frango 170g
  • Frozen Birds Eye Green Cuisine Dippers sem pollo 220g
  • Frozen Bird's Eye 2 Breaded Fillets Without Fish Cozinha Verde 216G
  • Frozen Birds Eye Green Cuisine 4 Veggie Quarter Pounders 454G
  • Frozen GoodLife Spicy Beanburger Paquete de 4 454G
  • GoodLife Kyiv Frozen Mushrooms and Spinach Pack of 2 250g
  • Frozen GoodLife Falafel 280G
  • Meatless Frozen Meatballs 270G
  • Frozen Dopsu Without Duck In Pieces 280G
  • Chopped Frozen Dopsu 350G
  • One Planet Frozen Stone Baked Pizza Spicy Plant-Based Pepper Pizza 302G
  • Crispy Popcorn Chicken Recipe Frozen Original VFC*n 220G
  • Frozen Spicy Chicken Fillet VFC 2 190G
  • Congelados VFC Spicy Chick*n Tenders 200G
  • 8 original plant-based hot dogs from Frozen Fry 360G

Frozen pork, beef and lamb

  • Frozen Beef Burgers 4 Quarter Pounds 454g
  • ASDA 4 Quarter Pound British Beef with Bacon and Cheese
  • ASDA 450G frozen diced meat
  • ASDA 9 Animal Safari Chicken Whole Molds 342G
  • ASDA frozen lean ground beef (generally less than 5% fat) 400g
  • Mini costillitas de cerdo Heavenly de Frozen Red's True Barbecue com salsa BBQ Glorious Unholy 510 g
  • Frozen Red's True Barbecue Joyous Pulled Pork com Glorious Kansas City Style BBQ Sauce 380g


  • Del Monte Peach Slices in Juice 415g
  • ASDA Growers Selections Frambuesas 150g
  • ASDA Melon Slices 400g
  • ASDA cutters 400g
  • Large ASDA mango (usually 350 g) each
  • ASDA Producer Selection Ready to Eat Kiwi 4PK
  • ASDA Mango Melón & Piña Mini Plato 240G
  • Grapes and Cheese ASDA Apple 150G
  • ASDA Growers Selection Medium Oranges 5PK
  • Pink Lady Apple Pack of 4
  • ASDA Melon and Grapes 160G
  • ASDA Pineapple Pieces 400g
  • Pack of 6 ASDA Granny Smith Apples
  • ASDA Growers Selection Manzanas Golden Delicious 6PK
  • Manzanas Braeburn ASDA 6PK

Salads and Sauces

  • Producer Selection Aipo
  • ASDA cucumber each
  • Tomatoes for Salad ASDA 750g
  • Lechuga Iceberg ASDA x1
  • Fragrant and Crispy Chives ASDA 125g
  • Extra Special Sweet Spiky Peppers 2PK
  • Mediterranean Salad ASDA 135G
  • Pack of 2 ASDA Ready Ripe Medium Avocados
  • Pack of 2 units of ASDA Little Jewel Lettuce
  • ASDA Romaine Lettuce Hearts 2pk
  • Chives ASDA each
  • Kit Salada Caesar ASDA 215g
  • Aderezo Newman Ranch 250ML
  • ASDA Beet Salad 300g
  • Florette Classic Crispy Salad 115G


  • Medium Noodles Straight to Wok Amoy 300G
  • Sautéed mixed peppers ASDA 320G
  • ASDA Mixed Spicy and Fruity Peppers 60G
  • ASDA Hot and Fruity Red Peppers 60G
  • Fideos Directos al Wok Asda 300g
  • Baked Egg Noodles 250g
  • Asda Bamboo Shoots 225g
  • Asda Water Chestnuts 225g
  • Asda Sautéed Mushrooms 320g
  • ASDA Egg Noodles 300g
  • Asda Rice Straws 225g
  • ASDA Sautéed Black Beans 170g
  • Fried Asda Garlic Soy Sauce 170g
  • Asda Chow Mein Sautéed Salsa 170g
  • ASDA Katsu Curry Sautéed Salsa 170g

Vegetables and Potatoes

  • ASDA carrots 1kg
  • ASDA White Mushrooms 250g
  • Broccoli and Cauliflower Florets Growers Selection 400g
  • ASDA Brown Mushrooms 250G
  • ASDA Jumbo Mushrooms 250G
  • Baby Potatoes with Butter ASDA Herby 360G
  • Pak Choi ASDA 200g
  • Baby Potato ASDA 1kg
  • Batata Gallo Albert Bartlett 2kg
  • Extra Special Creamy Purée ASDA 400g
  • ASDA British Roast Potatoes 2.5kg
  • ASDA Grower's Selection Brown Onion 1kg
  • Marabel Potatoes Extra Special ASDA Butter 2kg
  • Marabel Extra Special Roasted Potatoes ASDA 4pk
  • ASDA Extra Special Asparagus Tips 125g

butter and eggs

  • Asda Free Range Huevos 12PK
  • Asda Free Range Huevos 12PK
  • Pack of 6 large free range eggs ASDA 6
  • Pack of 6 free-range eggs ASDA
  • Clover Cream 1kg
  • Lurpak Untable 250g
  • Lurpak Lightly Salted Cream 500G
  • 500G Extendable Anchor
  • Kerrymaid Creme de Leite 500g
  • Sauce Cream 250G
  • The Happy Egg Co Free Range 6 huevos grandes
  • ASDA British Salted Butter 250g
  • ASDA British Unsalted Butter 250g
  • ASDA Extra Special Golden Yolk 6 Free-range Eggs 6pk
  • East End Pure Butter Ghee para cocinar 1kg


  • Dairylee 8 slices of cheese 200g
  • Babybel Mini 6 Original 120g
  • Babybel Mini Light 120G
  • Babybel Mini Original x12 240G
  • Asda Greek Feta 200G
  • Soft Boursin Cheese With Garlic And Herbs 150g
  • Blue Cheese Castelló 150G
  • Mini Babybel Light 240g
  • Grated Asda Grana Padano 100G
  • Wensleydale Cream Cheese Extra Especial ASDA 200g
  • Queso Cheddar Curado Cathedral City 350g
  • ASDA Soft Cheese 200g
  • Leerdammer Light Slices 160G
  • Strings & Things Cuerdas 80g
  • Strings & Things Cheestrings paquete de 8

Milk cream

  • Leite Integral ASDA 4pt
  • Leite Integral ASDA 4pt
  • Semi-skimmed milk ASDA 4pt
  • Leche Desnatada ASDA 4pt
  • Cravendale Leite Integral 2l
  • Semi-skimmed milk Cravendale 2l
  • Leite Integral ASDA 2pts
  • Skimmed Milk ASDA 2pt
  • ASDA semi-skimmed milk 2pts
  • Fresh Whole Milk ASDA 2Pt
  • Fresh Semi-skimmed Milk ASDA 2Pt
  • Cravendale Half Skimmed Milk 1l
  • Cravendale Leite Integral 1l
  • Cream Agria Fresca ASDA 300ml
  • ASDA Fresca Double Cream 600ml

Milk Alternatives

  • ASDA Free From Coconut Cold Drink 1L
  • Alpro Sugar Free Soy Beverage 1L
  • Oatly Long Life Oat Drink 1L
  • Alpro Soy Drink 1L
  • Alpro Original Toasted Almond Cold Drink 1L
  • Alpro Long Life Almond Drink Without Sugar 1L
  • Alpro Long Life Oat Drink 1l
  • Original Koko Dairy Free Yogurt 500g
  • Alpro Original Oat Cold Drink 1L
  • Asda Drink Without Almonds 1L
  • Oatly Oat Drink Long Shelf Barista Edition 1l
  • Oatly Chocolate Long Life Oat Drink 1l
  • Semi-skimmed Aveia drink Oatly 1L
  • Oat Drink 1L
  • Alpro Oats Long Life Sugar Free Drink 1l

Yoghurts and Desserts

  • Extra Special Cream Cream ASDA 500g
  • ASDA Greek Style Whole Yoghurt 500g
  • Munch Bunch Squashums Strawberry Yogurt Beverage 6X90G
  • Actimel Fresa 12Pk12X100
  • Actimel multifruit yogurt drinks 12 units
  • Ski Smooth Strawberry Raspberry Yogurt 4X120G
  • Trifles de chocolate Cadbury Layers of Joy 2X90G
  • Munch Bunch Double Up Strawberry Vanilla Yogurt 4x85g
  • ASDA Greek Yogurt 500g
  • ASDA Strawberry Trifles 2X145G
  • Natural Greek Yogurt Asda 1KG
  • Aunt Bessie's Apple Crumble Perfect for Two 240G
  • Strawberry Activia Yogurt 4X110G
  • Activia Peach Yogurt 4X110G
  • ASDA 2 Trifles Frambuesa 2X145G

Rosquillas, Wraps e Thins

  • Warburtons 6 Scones 6pk
  • Warburtons Fruity Teacakes Pack of 4
  • Pan de Frutas ASDA 400G
  • Pack of 8 ASDA Brioche Rolls
  • Pack of 6 ASDA Scottish Pancakes
  • Weight Watchers Single Pack 6 Pack
  • Pack of 8 White ASDA Wraps
  • Pack of 8 ASDA Whole Wheat Wraps
  • Bollos Warburtons 9pk
  • Wheat and White ASDA Wraps, 8ct
  • New York Bakery Co Plain Bagels, Pack of 5
  • Crepes Chocolate Avellana ASDA 180G
  • Simple Tortillas Mexican Style ASDA 8pk
  • ASDA White Flatbread, pack of 6
  • Pack of 4 ASDA Simple Mini Naans

bread and rolls

  • Warburtons Medium White Bread 800g
  • Warburtons Toastie Thick Sliced ​​White Bread 800g
  • Warburtons Danish White Bread 400g
  • Warburtons Toastie Bread Thick White Slices 400g
  • Warburtons Farmhouse Soft White Bread 800g
  • Hovis Soft and Thick White Bread 800g
  • Hovis Medium Soft White Bread 800g
  • Sliced ​​Soft White Rolls Warburtons Pack of 6
  • Bread Baked with Seeds Warburtons 800G
  • Kingsmill Soft and Thick White Bread 800g
  • Medium Tasty Wholemeal Bread Kingsmill 800g
  • Kingsmill tasty thick wholemeal bread 800g
  • Medium Kingsmill 50-50 Bread 800g
  • Kingsmill thick bread 50-50 800g
  • Kingsmill Medium Soft White Bread 800g

bakery in the store

  • ASDA Scotch Plain Panqueques 6pk
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Chocolate Chip Brioche Rolls, Pack of 8
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Cheese Ciabatta Rolls 2pk
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Cheese Rolls 4pk
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Simple Pancakes 5 ct
  • Seleção ASDA Baker's 6 Big Eat White Rolls
  • Seleção ASDA Baker 6 Big Eat Wholemeal Rolls
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Big Eat Cheese Rolls 6ct
  • ASDA Baker Selection 6 White Rolls
  • ASDA Baker Selection 6 White Rolls
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Scotch White Rolls 6 unidades
  • Pack of 4 ASDA Tea Cakes
  • ASDA Baker's Selection Hot Cross Buns, Pack of 4
  • ASDA Hot Cross Bun Fruit Bread 400g
  • Asda White Rolls, 12ct

Pancakes and hot cross buns

  • ASDA croissants pack of 6
  • Croissants ASDA Mantequilla 10pk
  • ASDA Hot Buns Bundle
  • ASDA 5PK fruit pancakes
  • ASDA Maple Pancakes 5PK
  • White Chocolate Pancakes ASDA 5PK
  • Milk Chocolate Pancakes ASDA 5PK
  • ASDA Classic Waffles 250g
  • Chocolate and Hazelnut Waffles ASDA 8 units
  • Sweet Pancakes ASDA 8
  • The BAKERY em ASDA 6 Banana Pancakes 6X30G

Party cakes, pies and cupcakes

  • Extra Special Handmade ASDA Carrot Cake Each
  • Extra Special Chocolate Fudge Cake ASDA Each
  • ASDA 12PK Iced Fairy Cakes
  • Large ASDA Chocolate Celebration Cake each
  • ASDA Mega Chocolate Party Cake serves 16 each
  • Cadbury Flake Celebration Cake Serves 12
  • Mega Madeira commemorative cake from ASDA each
  • Peppa Pig Celebration Cake cada
  • ASDA Extra Special Hand Finished Lemon Cake cada
  • ASDA Vanilla Party Cake each
  • Galaxy Baking Sheet each
  • Pastel ASDA Madeira EACH ONE
  • Asda sultana and cherry pie each
  • ASDA Cherry Madeira Cake EACH ONE
  • Wood pastel ASDA CADA UNO

Desserts and custard tarts

  • ASDA Cream Slices 2pk
  • ASDA apple pies 2pk
  • ASDA Raspberry Tarts 2 pcs
  • Extra Special Caramel Biscuit Pudding ASDA 400g
  • Packet of 2 ASDA chocolate canutillos
  • ASDA Strawberry Cake 600g
  • ASDA raspberry pie
  • ASDA Melt in the Middle Chocolate Puddings, Pack of 2
  • ASDA cherry pie each
  • ASDA Bramley Apple Pie each
  • ASDA 4 chocolate cantillos
  • ASDA Egg Tart 4 units
  • ASDA Sticky Toffee Sponge Pudding 2 pcs
  • ASDA Syrup Sponge Puddings 2 pcs
  • ASDA Chocolate Cake 500g

Slices of cakes, donuts and cookies

  • Mr Kipling Bramley Apple Pie 6 pcs
  • Mr Kipling Sliced ​​Almonds 6PK
  • ASDA 5PK double chocolate chip cookies
  • White Chocolate Cookies ASDA 5PK
  • Mr Kipling Cereza Bakewells 6PK
  • Pack of 5 ASDA milk chocolate cookies
  • Mr. Kipling Viennese Swirls 6PK
  • Galaxy pastel bars 10pk
  • French Fantasies of Mr. Kipling 8PK
  • THE BAKERY at ASDA 6 Cherry Bakewells 6PK
  • Cadbury 5 mini chocolate buns Pack of 5
  • Soreen Banana Lunchbox Pães 5pk
  • THE BAKERY at ASDA Lemon Cake EACH
  • A PADARIA no ASDA Walnut Cake EACH
  • THE BAKERY at ASDA Rainbow Jazzie Cake EACH


  • Pan Crujiente Ryvita Original 250g
  • Ryvita Crisp Dark Rye Bread 250g
  • Jacob's Savors Salt and Black Pepper 200g
  • ASDA Free of Teacakes 4pk

chips and popcorn

  • Walkers Fries with 6 Varieties
  • Walkers Wotsits Cheesy Pack 6
  • Walkers Squares Salt and Vinegar Pack of 6
  • Walkers Salt & Shake Multipack Chips 6 pcs
  • Pack of 12 Really Cheesy Wotsits
  • Crispy potato chips Walkers Squares Multipack 6X22G
  • Sunbites Sun-Ripened Sweet Pepper Snacks Pack of 6
  • Doritos Nacho Cheese Sauce 300g
  • Mild Sauce Doritos 300g
  • DORITOS hot sauce 300g
  • Patatas fritas ASDA Meaty Variety Multipack 6x25g
  • Sensations French Fries with Roasted Chicken and Thyme 150g
  • Walkers Sensations Thai Sweet Chilli Sharing Crisps 150G
  • Walkers Sensations Balsamic Vinegar and Caramelized Onion Crisps 150g
  • Doritos Cool Original Tangy Cheese Chilli Heatwave paquete de 12

nuts and snacks

  • Pretzels to Share with Sour Cream and Chives Penn State 175G
  • Attack A Snack Ham 'N' Cheese Wraps com Ketchup 99g
  • Walkers Sensations Roasted Peanuts with Honey and Salt 145g
  • ASDA 6 Mini Pork Pies 300g
  • ASDA Mumbai Mezcla 250g
  • Pretzels Sem Gluten Schar 60g
  • Peanut Salt And Vinegar KP 225G
  • Roasted Peanuts with Honey KP 225G
  • ASDA salted peanuts 270g
  • ASDA Dry Roasted Peanuts 270g
  • Butterkist Crispy Caramel Popcorn 170G
  • Sweet Popcorn Butterkist Cinema 100G
  • Butterkist Delicious Sweet and Salty Popcorn 100G
  • Simply Salted Butterkist Popcorn 80G
  • Original Salted Peanut KP 415G

candy and gum

  • Maynards Bassetts Wine Gum Bag Candy Bag
  • Skittles Fruit Candy Bag 152g
  • Skittles Crazy Sours candy bag 152g
  • Maoam Stripes 140g
  • Swizzels Drumstick Squashies Original Raspberry Milk Flavor 160g
  • Mint Caramels Humbugs ASDA 250G
  • Extra Sugar Free Peppermint Gum Multi Pack 6 x 10 pcs
  • Haribo Canudos Gigantes Shared Candy Bag 175g
  • Caramelos Haribo Starmix Bolsa 175g
  • Haribo Supermix Candy Bag 175g
  • Haribo Tangfastics Candy Bag 175g
  • Swizzels Sweet Shop Favoritos Tarrina 650g

Packaged chocolates and gifts

  • 16 piece Ferrero Rocher chocolate candy gift box
  • After Eight Dark Mint chocolate box
  • Box of assorted chocolates Lindt Lindor 200g
  • Lily O'Briens Dessert Collection 230g
  • Box Lindt Assorted Chocolate Truffles 337g
  • Lily O'Briens Petit Chocolate Indulgence 290g
  • Green & Blacks Organic Colección Clásica 180g
  • Large Milk Chocolate Bar Galaxy Smooth 360g
  • Maltese Chocolate Truffle Gift Box 200g
  • Box of quality fresh mint chocolates
  • Terry's Chocolate Orange Milk 157g
  • Chocolate gift box for celebrations 380 g
  • Cadbury Héroes 290g
  • 240 g street quality chocolate gift box
  • Caja Chocolate Maltese 185g

Chocolate bars and bags

  • Barra de chocolate Snickers 48g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Nibbles Chocolate Share Bag 120g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons Chocolate Bag 119g
  • Cadbury Twirl Bites Chocolate Compartir Bolsa 109g
  • Milk Milk Cadbury 360g
  • Rowntree Sweet Randoms Sharing Bag
  • Milk Chocolate Toblerone 360g
  • Madagascar ASDA Extra Special Dark Chocolate Bar 100 g
  • Nestlé Munchies Chocolate Compartment Bag 104g
  • Smooth Milk Chocolate Tablet Galaxy 110g
  • Saco chocolate Galaxy Minstrels 240g
  • Revels Chocolate MTS Bolsa 205g
  • Carb Killa Protein Bar White Chocolate Salted Peanuts
  • Chunky KitKat Milk Chocolate Bar
  • Milky Way Magic Stars Chocolate Bag 100g

several packages

  • Kinder Bueno Chocolate Balls 4x43g
  • Galaxy Ripple chocolate bar multipack
  • Cadbury Twirl Milk Chocolate Bar 4 Pack
  • Bars Cadbury Frio 6pk
  • Assorted chocolate party pack 600g
  • Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Barra de Chocolate 4 Pacote 148g
  • Pack of 6 Milkybar white chocolate bars 6X12G
  • Milk chocolate bars Toffee Crisp Multipack 4X38G
  • Aero Bubbly Peppermint Mint Candy Bar Multi Pack
  • Barras de chocolate Mars Multipack 4 x 39,4 g
  • Snickers Candy Bar Multi Pack, Pack of 4
  • Pack of 4 Original Polo Bullets 4X34G


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Asda - Ayr Grocery, Alcohol, Takeaways in Ayr, KA8 (2)

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