50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (2023)

When the final debate on "Who are the 10 greatest presenters of all time?" erupts in circles, those involved are usually joined by a host of names like The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Jay-Z, NasandDMX🇧🇷 Other notable mentions in the script often include Rakim, Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Ice Cube, and Eminem (LL Cool J, Kanye West, Andre 3000, and Big Punoften thrown into the mix as well). As far as debates go, however, there's one name that tends to fly a little more under the radar - though the name should really be part of any "greatest rap ever" conversation - 50 Cent.

In addition to owning the tenth best-selling rap album of all time (Get rich or Die Trying'- 8.3 million copies sold in the US to date; 12 million copies sold worldwide), 50 Cent is by far one of the best lyricists to ever touch a microphone. In fact, just as 50 has changed his rapping style many times over the years, 50 Cent can be said to have the best "flow". of all spit, both past and present - whether it's wavy and melodic, rough and abrupt, he's done it all. Also, when it comes to mixtapes, few have made an impact on the mixtape circuit/roads like Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson (those who have can be counted on the fingers of one hand alongside Fif).

Come and check out the top 25 50 cent songs of all time with us. For the purposes of this list, we're only looking at 50 Cent's solo discography - which means you won't find any features or G-Units listed.

Lower the tone and let us know if you agree or disagree with this list, we're sure you have an opinion.

"I'm the Man" (ft. Chris Brown) (2016)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (1)

In 2016, 50 Cent once again proved to naysayers that he's still got it (much like the signal he sent with the release of his collaboration with Kendrick, I'm Up).

"I'm The Man" is an R&B affair that works just as well in the bedroom as it does in the club. Many babies were probably born in different clubs around the world because of this banger. In other words, put it in a party, sit back and watch what happens.

"I'll Still Kill" (ft. Akon) (2007)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (2)

"I'll Still Kill" was released as the fifth single from 50 Cent's third studio album.curtis🇧🇷 The track, produced by DJ Khalil, features guest vocals from Konvict Muzik artist CEO/vocalist Akon. The hard-hitting single officially aired in November 2007. The single peaked at #95 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Some of the 50's tracks make you want to go out and do gangsta stuff and this is one of them. "I'll Still Kill" is one of 50 Cent's best street anthems, and Akon is half the reason why. Put this song on if you want to get your gangsta real quick.

„How to Rob“ (ft. The Madd Rapper) (1999)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (3)

This was the radio debut song of the 50's and what a debut. "How to Rob" was groundbreaking and the first of its kind, although it is a "Diss" album aimed at that.noand not just a specific person; 50 Cent was fresh out of the gate dissing Jay-Z, Puff Daddy, BIG Pun and several other artists.

„We Up“ (ft. Kendrick Lamar) (2013)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (4)

"We Up" was officially released in March 2013. The track uses a sample from "Something About Us" by fellow songwriter Daft Punk. The song was originally intended to appear on Kidd Kidd's mixtape, but it turned out to be a '50s song (sans Kidd Kidd, no less). The full version of this, which featured Kidd Kidd, Kendrick Lamar and only one verse by 50 Cent, was first released in February of the same year, however the proper single version of "We Up" was released a month later with Kidd Kidd removed from track.

Among 50 Cent's many false starts when it comes to the long-awaited (but apparently yet to come)Street King Immortal Album,it was this joint. It showed us in 2013 that Fif still had it (he does it every few years as a reminder, it seems) and it fueled the excitement for turning 50 back, though there hasn't been much of a follow-up. Also, Davaughn (the producer) 50 and Kendrick rocked the perfect beat, 50 and Kendrick were great together and lyrically they were HAM. An effortless banger.

"Showcases" (2005)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (5)

(Video) 50Cent - Greatest Hits 2022 | TOP 100 Songs of the Weeks 2022 - Best Playlist RAP Hip Hop 2022

"Window Shopper" was released in November 2005 as the first single (in the UK and Australia) and second single (in the US).Get rich or Die Trying'Soundtrack released in 2005, as well as the film's theme song. It was later added as a bonus track to their 2005 album,O massacre.

When it comes to the "best flows of a hip-hop song", the '50s flow in "Window Shopper" deserves mention and strong consideration. Fif's bounce on this track is out of control/out of this world. The producer, C. Styles, also rapped on this beat. 50's are coming tooand rule yetin this joint. And who could forget the video for "Window Shopper"? In Monaco, 50 and friends shop for big-ticket items like a $400 B. Cheeseburger and a $1,500,000 Maserati MC12.

"If I Can't" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (6)

"If I Can't" was released as the fourth and final single from 50 Cent's debut album.Get rich or Die Trying'🇧🇷 The song is one of four on the LP recorded by legendary hip-hop producer Dr. Dre are produced. The track peaked at number 76 in the US and became 50 Cent's sixth entry on the Hot 100. It was more successful in the UK, where it peaked at number 10 after being released as a double A-side with the single "Poppin". from G-Unit ". reached "The Thangs."

This erratic, piano-laden track, which is an interpolation of "Peter Piper" from Run–D.M.C. contains, is motivating and at the same time acts as a kind of 50 cent mandate. The music video for "If I Can't" is in fact very similar to Eminem's video for his song "Sing for the Moment" (2002). This is the kind of joint you find on your way to the waterfront/boardwalk.

"I Must Die Tonight" (2005)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (7)

This song, outO massacre, is another abode in the 1950s death musings — which seem to constantly haunt him — so it's another sinister foray into his brain as he guides fans through his infamous shootouts when he's hand-delivered 9 bullets become. This music sounds and feels like literally walking through the valley of the shadow of death. Its dark tones mixed with 50 Cent's demonic vocals will have unprepared listeners running fast and hiding under the bed.

Did you know that "I'm Should to Die Tonight" samples "Warning" by The Notorious B.I.G. It's? Maybe that's why Fif grabbed that joint so hard, so he wouldn't let Biggie down. Mission accomplished if so.

"PIMP." (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (8)

"PIMP." was released as the fourth official single from 50 Cent's debut studio album.Get rich or Die Trying'in August 2003. The song features other rappers such as Snoop Dogg, Lloyd Banks andyoung braggartIt peaked at #3 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the United States and reached the top 10 of several national charts worldwide.

It's Porter's remarkable steel-drum production that incorporates elements from other genres, particularly reggae (or Caribbean music) that carries these chants; but throw in the sultry '50s lyrics and you've got an undeniable hit on your hands. The single's music video was equally epic, featuring the four rappers rapping topless women. But it makes sense, because what would a “pimp” video be without bare breasted girlfriends.

"I Make Money" (2007)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (9)

"I Get Money" was the third single from 50 Cent's third studio album.curtisThe track was recorded at 50 Cent's Connecticut studio by veteran audio engineer Alonzo Vargas. Scott Boogie was originally credited as a producer for "I Get Money", but it was later revealed to actually be Scott Boogie.Stahlthe beat from producer Apex.

The music video is full of cameos, featuring the likes of G-Unit artists.your tone, Lloyd Banks, Prodigy, Mazaradi Fox and Trav make appearances. There are also guest appearances by Funk Flex, DJ Kayslay, Mims, Melissa Joan Hart and Lola Monroe. Although it was discontinued in 2007, put this disc in now in 2018 and the party will start very quickly. 50 Cent's "I Get Money" may actually be rap's ultimate financial anthem.

„21 Fragen“ (ft. Nate Dogg) (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (10)

(Video) 50Cent Greatest Hits Full Album ~ Best Songs Of 50Cent Playlist

"21 Questions" was the only single from 50 Cent's commercial debut album,Get rich or Die Trying'not having the Parental Advisory sticker on the cover, as the only profanity was the use of the "N-word" in the first verse (!). When 1950s mentor Dr. Dre, who was working with him on his debut album, did not want 21 Questions on the album. According to 50 Cent, "Dre was like, 'How are you gonna be gangsta this and that and put on this sappy love song?'" 50 Cent responded, saying, "I'm two people. Ever since I was a kid, I've always had to stay in pairs to survive. For me, that's not diversity, it's necessity.”

Guys can try to stay ahead, but even guys have cracked that one based on the whip, alone, with no woman(s) in the car. You can't deny the silky 50's lyrics and thoseGOAT of Hooks, Nate Doggs, perfect vocals.

"Don't Push Me" (ft. Eminem e Lloyd Banks) (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (11)

"Don't Push Me" is another classic Fif debut that we really could have put on this list altogether. Unfortunately we didn't do that.

"Don't Push Me" is a dirty collaboration by a trio of die-hard MCs with Eminem and G-Unit artist Lloyd Banks. Imagine getting a collaboration like that today? You can not. It's not possible. This song wasn't released as a single, but considering the heavy beat and slap-in-the-face lyrics, maybe it should have been. 50 and Lloyd did their thing on this track, but it was Eminem's verse that sent the song to the moon without Ralph Kramden and Alice.

This joint will pump a dead man's blood straight to the top.

"In My Hood" (2005)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (12)

From their second studio album,O massacre, "In My Hood" has that '50s feel - let's talk about itpower of a dollar50. "In My Hood", produced by Eminem and C. Styles, directly set the tone for the '50s sophomore LP to great success - hence the term "sophomore". the fans wantOtherhot album and will pretty much ignore a follow up like "Trash" if it can't live up to the debut. So 50 Cent had big shoes to fillO massacre, considering that the album was a continuation ofGet rich or Die Trying'(which until then was considered one of the greatest rap albums of all time).

So I bought from fansO massacre, opened it up and put it in the CD player (it was still 2005 after all), they got a little nervous, hoping and hoping that Fif's second LP wouldn't be a huge disappointment. Well, once the first song on the album came out, it was an ending. "In My Hood" started it all and immediately put the listener under its spell.Get rich or Die Trying'vibe every fan wanted anyway.

"The Good Die Young" (2000)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (13)

Good luck finding this one on the E roads. "The Good Die Young" is a track from 50 Cent's first (unofficial) albumdollar powerThe album was originally scheduled to be released as their major-label debut in 2000 on Columbia Records. However, Columbia canceled the album's release after discovering that 50 Cent had been shot nine months earlier. For this reason, 50 Cent was also dropped from the label. Ultimately, the album was heavily fake and set the mixtape circuit on fire.

50 showed excellent hook making skills early on and this song can attest to that and shine; Keep an eye on your eyes as I keep my eyes on mine.” That's all that really needs to be said. The 50s were always strategic.

"Ghetto Qu'ran (Perdoe-me)" (2000)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (14)

"Ghetto Qur'an" is another important excerpt from itdollar power🇧🇷 This is a track of 50 game changes. This was the first rap song to reveal the names of nearly every major player (e.g. gangsters, drug dealers, pimps) that appeared on the streets of New York in the 1980s and early 1990s. hip-hop community deemed 50 a "snooper" for naming the song extensively. Of course, 50 no matter whatWorldwidethought about the music and fed it with the world of hip-hop. As a result, it was often assumed that this was the song that got 50 shot.

According to a statement from an IRS agent, law enforcement officers believed that the 2000 murder of 50 Cent was in retaliation for the text of "Ghetto Qu'ran", which detailed the history of Supreme Team, Kenneth "Supreme" McGriffgang said that the song and subsequent music industry blacklisting of 50 Cent by McGriff and his associates also led to the murder of Jam Master Jay of Run DMC. Some speculate that Jam Masterignoredthe blacklist, taking teenage 50 Cent under his wing and introducing him to the music industry.

"Thicker Than Water" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (15)

(Video) 50 Cent - In Da Club (Official Music Video)

"Thicker Than Water" is an original freestyle released by 50 Cent in 2003 and can be found atcradle 2 the graveSoundtrack. 50 Cent in his prime was lyrically comparable to Tyson, Ali or Mayweather in his prime. Seriously, it's not a game: "Don't call me to report, I don't want witch rap, I brought my knife to the club, I came to hack witch." Yep, very few Rappers on their rise are as hungry and lyrically relentless as up-and-coming 50 Cent.

Technically, "Thicker Than Water" is an old G-Unit song, but for the purposes of this list we'll give 50 the most credit. 50 offers a hook that would make our current generation rappers jealous for its exploratory flow while also being creepy.

"And there?" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (16)

"What Up Gangsta" is likeGet rich or Die Trying'will open. It fires up the album and sets the tone for the rest of the project. Produced by Rob "Reef" Tewlow, "What Up Gangsta" will rock a club to this day and close fast for the night.

The energy of the track is so impressive. Let's face it, you might remember how this place had people in their cars when it was on the radio - everyone was a gangster on their way to their 9 to 5. "Bob" from Accounting just threw up in his car while sitting in the parking lot from his mundane office job just because that joint was rolling.

"Life Is At Stake" (2000)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (17)

"Life's on the Line" is included on 50 Cent's first two studio albums: it is track #5 on his shelved first studio albumdollar powerand as a bonus track on its commercial debut. The song was released as the third and final single fromdollar powerand peaked at #37 on the Billboard Hot Rap Singles chart.

Biggie and Tupac aside, the 50 Cent and Ja Rule beef is perhaps the most notorious beef in hip hop. 50 and yes hadrealStreet Beef and really couldn't stand each other. 50 makes this abundantly clear in one of his early critiques of Ja's manner. Produced by Terence Dudley, "Life's On The Life" was basically the beginning of the end for rapper Ja Rule.

"When It Rains, It Pours" (2005)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (18)

50 centsGet rich or Die Trying'The soundtrack is one of the most classic soundtracks ever made and the hardest rock song in the movie was definitely "When It Rains It Pours". One of only two written by Dr. Dre produced tracks on the soundtrack, it's no wonder this track is so strong. Heck, even the C.O. in the film, he bobbed his head into the joint and lip-synched to the lyrics. Despite not being released as a single, it is still the heaviest song on the soundtrack.

With killer guitar strings and a gut-wrenching hook, 50 Cent delivers a barrage of steamy lyrics that even had Terrance Howard (who played Bama in the film) managing his career right out of prison.

"You Don't Like Me" (2002)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (19)

"U Not Like Me" was originally included on Fif'sGuess who's backmixtape before addingGet rich or Die Tryingas a bonus track. Produced by Red Spyda (Credits:2Pac, Lil' Kim, Eazy-E, so you know it's real), this track showcases young 50 Cent at his best. Red Spyda also co-wrote the song with 50 Cent.

Fif's lyrics showed that "shallow waters run deep" and that he was way ahead of his time when it came to hip-hop. "See, I was in Pearly Gates, they sent me back / The good die young, I ain't got no right to that." We've heard this sentiment before in 50, but just in case there's been some misunderstanding - 50 makes it very clear that he won't die young (while also leaving Mase and Diddy unnamed). Not many rap songs lyrically rival "U Not Like Me."

"Waiting Patiently" (ft. Eminem) (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (20)

"Patiently Waiting" is the third song on 50 Cent's first commercial album.Get rich or Die Trying'🇧🇷 The song was produced by Eminem and features an interpolation of "Gin and Juice" by Snoop Dogg. When this track followed "What up Gangsta" on the album's track listing, it's safe to say that all listeners knew the album was going to be a classic without even hearing the rest - that's how powerful the first two songs were on the LP.

We don't know who killed this track more, 50 or Em. Tell us in the comments. What we do know is - that's the damn jam. The haunting strings and overall menacing feel only add to the hype. It is an undeniable collaboration.

"Back" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (21)

(Video) 50 Cent - The Death of All My Enemies Full Mixtape (The best of 50 Cent diss records)

"Back Down" is wild (much more so than the barking dog that spurs it on), and produced by Dr. Dre, this has become an essential listening experience.become richthe track list. To say this song is a great diss album might be an understatement, not only did 50 Straight Body Bag say yes, rule for that, it's an amazing album, period - diss or whatever. So it's a banger and diss track, the worst combination.

"Back Down" was one of the main reasons why Ja Rule's career was "over". The track poked lyrical holes in Ja Rule and left him in serious condition.

"Wanksta" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (22)

Another song aimed at Ja Rule. Poor yes. Apparently some of 50 Cent's best songs are Ja Disses. "Wanksta" was released in November 2002 as the second single from Eminem's film soundtrack.8 miles🇧🇷 Produced by John "J-Praize" Freeman, the single peaked at number 13 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The track originally appeared on 50 Cent's mixtape.No pity, no fear.

It is worth noting that 50 Cent denied claims that "Wanksta" was directed at Ja Rule, stating that the song was not directed at him, "but Ja Rule is a Wanksta". So there you have it.

Eminem remixed the song in 2003 with a slightly altered instrumental to add more impact, and while this could also be considered a dising of the yes rule, Fif's version was even more brutal. With "Wanksta," 50 Cent carved his name into the hip-hop table and it will never be erased.

"Heat" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (23)

"Heat" is in the middleGet rich or Die Trying'🇧🇷 Produced by Dr. Dre, the beat alone is enough to turn anyone's head. The music has been aptly blended with the sound of cocked guns and shots being fired interspersed between locked organ keys, and is another example of the constant meat hunt of the 50's. Anyone can get it.

Let's just focus on the chorus: 50 proves once again that it truly is one of rap's best hooks. Raising the stakes with every bar on the hook, he paints a dirty picture of a gangster who doesn't give a shit.

"In the Da Club" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (24)

"In Da Club" is perhaps 50 Cent's most influential song to date. In the midst of filming 50 Cent, every single one of his fans were nervous about his condition and confused as to why he was shot in the first place. For several months, it was the crickets - no one knew where 50 was and whether he would live, let alone return. Then, out of nowhere... BAM!! 50 Cent released "In Da Club".

As the first single from their debut albumGet rich or Die Trying', reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and became the rapper's first #1. The music video came complete with Dr. Dre (who co-produced the song with DJ Quik) and Eminem, eliminating any concerns fans had about his career. The track shocked the hip-hop community.no one elseone before that, and expanded beyond hip-hop into the mainstream proper, at a time when hip-hop wasn't dominating the airwaves (as it currently is), making it even more important. Similarly, other rappers were made aware of Fif's upcoming takeover.

"Many Men (Death Wish)" (2003)

50 Cent's Top 25 Songs (25)

Is it a surprise that we chose “Many Men (Wish Death)” as 50 Cent's greatest/greatest song? As the third single from his debut, the song hits possibly the heaviest of all '50s music (and all music from it since). When you hear "Many Men" you feel it deep in your bones, like 50 reached into his chest, ripped out his heart and handed it straight to you.

It's not just the song's emotional vibe that makes it so significant in Fif's discography. 50 uses the record to unravel the origins of his now-infamous shooting that almost cost him his life - while his words paint a vivid picture, the music video really brings it to life as Mekhi Phifer stars as Fif's killer. The loaded production is also quite typical of 50, who used this type of instrumentation on many tracks.

(Video) Best of 50 Cent Mix - Dj Shinski [In Da Club, Wanksta, PIMP, Big Rich Town, Window Shopper, G Unit]


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